How to export an Insight? How to export an Insight?

How to export an Insight?

Alek Alek

In this article we will show you how easy is to export an Insight report.

Once you have successfully created your Insight Report you can export it into .CSV format. Unfortunately currently it is only this export format supported, but soon more options will be available.

Also be aware that exporting an Insight report might look slightly different than the preview when you Run the report. This is normal and expected since there are couple of differences that are currently not offered in the exported version:

1. The exported report will show the raw data names of the Data Fields. You can easily adjust this by following the steps on this article:
2. The grouped Data Fields will not show same on the exported version. However you can easily open the file into Excel and filter or sort the data by your preferences. 

The exporting of an insight is presented in the following video:


Exporting an Insight.gif

Step 1: Go to Insights

Step 2: Hover the mouse over the three dots in the same line with the Insights Report you wish to export.

Step 3: Pop up will be shown with exported version (currently only CSV file type is available)

Step 4: click Export Report

Step 5: Open the downloaded report.


If you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Qtrac Help Desk.