What is the Qtrac Change Management Process Flow ? What is the Qtrac Change Management Process Flow ?

What is the Qtrac Change Management Process Flow ?

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Our Qtrac Change Management Process Flow is precisely defined and if requested it can be provided to Customers as part of the official Project documentation.

And Qtrac and the Customers have the duty and responsibility to know the process flow of communication in details, as well as their individual responsibilities related to the same process. In this article it is precisely defined who is responsible for which part of the Change Management Process.

1. Qtrac team is responsible to follow the flowchart and maintain Lavi Standards for Quality Service as well as On Time Delivery in order to fulfill the Customer Change Requests. The Main responsibility to create the Change Request Form and QA belongs to the Qtrac team.

2. Customers are responsible to define the requests as detailed as possible, and to provide all necessary information regarding the Change Requests. Customers are also responsible to review the Change Request Form before implementation and refine the specifications as needed with approval from Lavi as well. This might, but not always, include Technical data, Costs/payments, and timeline or target date.

3. Change Requests can be requested based on multiple reasons: configuration updated, insufficient permissions (user roles) by Customers, discovered bugs, updates of components of the software, new features, scheduled maintenance etc.

Lavi protects the rights to define and change implementation dates of the changes, with reasonable notification upfront to the Customers, and only with Customer’s approval.

The process Diagram with defined responsibilities is :


If you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Qtrac Help Desk.


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