How to troubleshoot a kiosk? How to troubleshoot a kiosk?

How to troubleshoot a kiosk?

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Based on your questions in the chat, it looks like you are trying to troubleshoot a kiosk.

In order to accomplish this, please follow these steps: 

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This article details various troubleshooting steps for a Qtrac kiosk:

Kiosk Or Touchscreen Does Not Turn On

      1. Check to see if power cord is properly plugged into outlet.
      2. Check to see that all components are properly plugged into power strip.
      3. Check to see that computer is turned on.
      4. Check to see that monitor video cable is connected to monitor and to
      5. Check to see that outlet is functioning properly.

Printed Tickets Not Coming Out

        1. Check to see that there is paper in the printer (amber LED on printer
          indicates when paper is empty).
        2. Check to see if there is a paper jam and clear it (red LED on printer
          indicates a paper jam).
        3. Check to see that printer is connected to power and to the computer (green
          LED indicates printer is powered).


Printed Tickets Blank

      1. Check to see if paper roll was installed upside-down.
        Install Paper - Figure 3.png
        Install Paper - Figure 2.png

System Not Responding

      1. Power the computer off and then back on to reset.



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