How to enable Mobile Sound Alerts? How to enable Mobile Sound Alerts?

How to enable Mobile Sound Alerts?

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You are able to use Mobile Sound Alerts that will help the end users of being notified while they are waiting in the Mobile Interface Screen when they watch their place in line. The process for activating this is pretty simple and available for Admin Users that have access to Designer Templates.


1. Once you have logged into your Qtrac Account, click on the "Manage" Tab from the home screen:

2. Proceed to the left side of your page and click on "Design" tab:

3. Next click on the "Mobile Interfaces" Designer:

4. Once you are in Mobile Interfaces, either click "Add New Interface" to create a new Mobile Interface or "Edit" via the 3-dot icon on an existing Mobile Interface:

5. Once you are in the Mobile Interface Template, check the "Enable Sound Alert" box under "DESIGN PROPERTIES":

6. At the end click on the "Publish" Button at the bottom of the page:

7. Now after a customer has checked into the queue using their mobile device, once their ticket is called for service their mobile device will play the sound alert (if sound is enabled on their mobile device).


If you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Qtrac Help Desk.


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