How do I set up custom service hours? How do I set up custom service hours?

How do I set up custom service hours?

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Thank you for visiting our Qtrac Knowledge Base library. We hope the below article will assist you.

Based on your questions in the chat, it looks like you are trying to set up custom service hours.

In order to accomplish this, please follow these steps:


First, to access the Hours of Operation settings navigate to the Manage tab and select Hours of Operation from either the side panel or the icon in the center of the screen.

Here you will see a list of available templates. To edit a template, hover over the 3 dots on the right-hand side and select Edit. To create a new template, click on the Add New Template option on the top right.

Inside the template settings you'll want to click on the Service Hours section to expand it. Here you can use the multi-select menu to choose the individual services that you would like to apply custom hours to. Once populated, you can use the Walk-in and Appointment toggle to edit the hours for that specific version of the service.

To begin adding the custom hours, simply flip the toggle to the left of the service name that you've selected from the multi-select options. You will now see a dropdown menu available to select the occurrence of these custom hours (Daily, During Date Range, On Custom Date(s), and Weekly). In this example we will choose Daily.

Once you've selected an occurrence type you should see your selection populate below. Flip the toggle for the days that you would like to have this service available. This date range will open up to allow you to now define your custom hours.

Once the hours have been input, click on +Add hours to submit the time range. If a service has a break in it's availability you can apply multiple ranges here to account for the gap.

Once you are done defining the hours for a particular service, click on the x on the top right of the service window to close the editor and see a summary of your hours. To re-open the editor simply click on the pencil icon in the same location.

Repeat these steps for your desired services/times, and once complete click Update on the bottom right corner to save these changes.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Qtrac Help Desk.