How do I set up a kiosk? How do I set up a kiosk?

How do I set up a kiosk?

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Based on your questions in the chat, it looks like you are trying to setup a kiosk

In order to accomplish this, please follow these steps: 

Permissions Required:

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Kiosk Unpacking

Note: The kiosk depicted in the images below may not match your exact kiosk, but the procedures described here to unpack it will apply to yours. Follow these steps to unpack your kiosk:

  1. Cut straps and remove cover. Tear tray of pallet.

  2. Cut plastic tie and remove keys from power cord.

  3. Unlock and open door.
    Kiosk Unpacking - Steps 1-3.png
  4. Unscrew and remove the (2) wing nuts and (2) washers at the bottom of the unit. Push the (2) bolts down until they fall to the floor.

  5. Grab kiosk body and walk kiosk over front edge of pallet until kiosk can be tilted forward and leading edge of base makes contact with floor. Hold kiosk in tilted position and slide pallet rearward until it is clear.
    Kiosk Unpacking - Steps 4-5.png

Place The Kiosk and Power It On

  1. Place the kiosk at the desired location

  2. Unlock the lower compartment and remove the panel.

  3. A computer and electrical power strip are in the lower compartment.

  4. Connect an ethernet cable (not provided) to the computer, thread it through
    the opening that the AC power cord comes out and plug it onto a nearby
    data port for an internet connection.

  5. Plug the AC power cord into a nearby outlet. Be sure cord is out of the way
    and does not present a tripping hazard.

  6. The unit should power-up at this point. If not, the access panel will need to
    be opened and the computer power button activated inside the kiosk.

  7. After the computer starts up, Windows will load, and the kiosk menu will
    appear if a success connection is made to the internet.

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