Qtrac Release Notes Qtrac Release Notes

Qtrac Release Notes

Alek Alek

Version 4.1.240718 Release notes

July 18, 2024

New Features/Enhancements:

  1. Advanced Rules actions based on customer sending SMS
  2. Ability to override appointment template settings based on how customers answer the appointment questionnaire
  3. Ability to decide on public versus internal resources in the Resource Template creator
  4. Ability to add notes to an appointment prior to check-in from the Appointment Calendar
  5. Ability to manually confirm appointments from the Appointment Calendar (permission set in Queue View)
  6. New Appointment details pop-up in Appointment Calendar (new UI)
  7. Added ability to change the order of languages and services in the designers
  8. The “Agenda View” is now the default Appointment Calendar view when opening up the calendar
  9. Ability to report on Agent Name who deleted customer in the Queue
  10. Slight enhancement to Appointment Calendar view on smaller devices such as tablets

Various Bug Fixes



Version 4.0.240529 Release notes

May 29, 2024

New Features/Enhancements:

  1. Support for priority grouping rules in the Queue (automatically group customers based on priority) More info on this link: Introducing Priority Rules: Elevate Your Queue Management with Qtrac
  2. Ability to add limitation for only allowing associates to serve a single customer at a time
  3. Wait time now able to be displayed in ranges (5-10 minutes, 10-20 minutes, etc.)
  4. Added sidebar filter to appointment calendar in the Queue
  5. New design for loading screen on appointment scheduler
  6. Employees can override customer appointment check-in limits
  7. Support for "site tour" guide configuration in the platform
  8. Ability for "No Show" and "Delete" to have separate permissions
  9. Change to service/wait time fields display
  10. Updated appointment check-in error message
  11. Added customer notification preferences to Queue calendar details window
  12. Support for very wide logos on mobile
  13. Added new fields to Location for Brand Name and Brand ID
  14. Appointment store locator improved for cities outside the US


Various Bug Fixes

Version 3.14.240510 Release notes

May 10, 2024

New Features/Enhancements:

  1. Ability to confirm or cancel appointments based on a set of configured rules
  2. Ability to filter the appointment calendar by confirmed or unconfirmed appointments
  3. Delete verbiage changed to Cancel on appointment calendar
  4. New set of APIs added to Qtrac's API Library for clients to utilize

Various Bug Fixes

Version 3.13.240405 Release notes

April 05, 2024

New Features/Enhancements:

  1. Ability to share reports with Users/Roles (Introducing Enhanced Sharing Capabilities in Qtrac Insights)
  2. Ability to schedule reports to Users/Roles through email delivery daily/weekly/monthly  (Introducing Qtrac Scheduled Insights
  3. Ability to report on Team Notes and SMS to/from Queue
  4. Ability to duplicate report in Insights (How to Duplicate an Insights Reports)
  5. Ability to choose report type (Brick and Mortar Experience, Future Appointments, Location Settings, User Settings)
  6. Ability to export Insights as PDF (How to export an Insight?)
  7. Ability for advanced filtering on each field in Insights (How to use filters on selected Data Field in Insights)
  8. New Insights reporting fields (split date/time fields, days since last visit, behavior fields, etc. Insights - Data Dictionary)
  9. Added aggregates to all fields in Insights (How to Add an Aggregated Data Field in Insights)
  10. Performance improvement for Insights
  11. SMS/Email character limit increased in Workflow
  12. Ability to drag/drop order of options and visitor tags in Workflow
  13. Appointment creation time added to appointment details/export from Queue calendar
  14. Default Queue pop-up to queue view/location if only 1 assigned in permissions
  15. Columns per Queue as separate boxes ability on TV Monitor (Benefits of organizing virtual queue tickets in individual Columns per Queue Boxes on Qtrac Monitors)
  16. Multiple workflow support
  17. Ability to optionally only allow the use of Qtrac APIs with Whitelisted IPs (new field in Company level Can I limit the access for Insights Report Data Source Link based on whitelisted IP Address?)

Various Bug Fixes



Version 3.12.5 Release notes

February 9, 2024

New Features/Enhancements:

  1. Service Outcomes, adding the ability for administrators to configure various outcomes that services may end with so that their associates will have to select one of the configured outcome before closing out a customer's service
    more details on this article: What are Service Outcomes ?
  2. View Mode, ability to view the Queue and perform limited actions without affecting the wait time algorithm for customers
    more details on this article: What is Away View mode in the Queue?

Various Bug Fixes


Version 3.12.1 Release Notes

January 12, 2024

New Features/Enhancements:

  1. New Hours Of Operation design, adding much greater flexibility in configuring service/location hours
  2. New Queue View, adding the ability to re-order Queue columns and add Service Questions as columns
  3. Ability to duplicate Service Questions, Appointment Templates, User Roles, and Designers with a single click

Various Bug Fixes




Version 3.11.0 Release Notes

November 17, 2023

New Features/Enhancements:

  1. Insights Reporting Engine (Needs permissions given to use this)
  2. Reporting from within Queue for “Today’s Visits” (Needs permissions given to use this)
  3. Advanced Rules Actions based on Wait/Service Time (Rules need to be configured)
  4. New Default Homepage (Not mandatory to use)
  5. Set Max Queue/Wait Time Capacity per Location (Needs to be enabled and configured per location)
  6. Automated clearing/resetting of tickets at the End Of Day (Needs to be enabled)
  7. Ability to edit ticket details even after starting service in Queue
  8. Centering of column on TV Monitor if only one variable is used in any section instead of two
  9. Audible sound “alerts” on Mobile interface when visitor is called (Needs to be enabled)
  10. Ability to configure a “multi-column view” for Languages and Services on Kiosk (Needs to be configured)

Various Bug Fixes



Version 2.10.25 Release Notes

September 26, 2023

New Features
1. Ability to decide on purged data directly from the user interface.
2. Ability to add photos/links/buttons into Emails.
3. Ability to export User list with 1-click.
4. Ability to export upcoming appointments with 1-click.
5. New landing screen for inactive/wrongly typed URLs.
6. New called timer in the Queue when the customer is called.
7. Ability to support Australian/European Date formats.
8. Ability to add new elements as columns in the Queue such as Language, Queue, and Service.
9. Ability to decide on Finish & Exit URL in Appointment Scheduler.
10. Ability to prevent a customer from booking multiple appointments.
11. Ability to split the Next Up column into Columns Per Queue in the Monitor Designer.
12. Ability to choose and display Dynamic Variables in Monitor boxes.
13. Ability to show/hide services on the Appointment Scheduler per Designer.
14. Added a bottom right chart to Snapshot Reporting.
15. Ability to display Ticket Page per Service on Mobile.
16. Ability to add a digital QR Code onto Kiosk.
17. Ability to decide on a unique background image per Mobile page.
18. Ability to hide appointment services from visitors and ensure only employees can book.

1. Appointment Reminder setting changed to numeric input field.
2. Kiosk Radio/Dropdown menu size improvements.
3. Changing question/service names will now automatically edit configured rules.
4. Word added to Visitor Tags in Queue (instead of color only).
5. "Space" Text added to Qtrac virtual keyboard spacebar.
6. Speed improvement on Monitor announcement and Monitor updates.
7. Speed improvement on Ticket Printing.
8. Leave Queue and More Time buttons on Mobile can now appear on the Now Calling page.
9. Updated User Management section with clearer columns for Location and Role.
10. Ability to decide on Slideshow length in Monitor designer.
11. Ability to add visitor tags while the customer is being served.
12. New Icons under User Profile section.
13. If visitor is on the appointment timeslot page, and stays on the page, appointment slots will refresh when passed.
14. Reduction of space between text and icons on Appointment service page.

Bug Fixes


Version 2.9.2 Release Notes

February 10, 2023

1. Flexible audio announcements using built-in text-to-speech algorithm
2. Improvements to the real-time "Snapshot" Dashboard Reporting module
3. Language switching capabilities on the Appointment Scheduler for an unlimited number of languages
4. "End Of Day" feature to clear all queues, reset ticket numbers, and reset Reporting metrics
5. Single Sign On Authentication capabilities
6. Custom URL Domain capabilities for both employees and customers
7. Automated User and Branch synchronization with client Active Directories
8. Customized Virtual Keyboard to use on Kiosks
9. Additional search fields for organization throughout the system


Version 2.8.0 Release Notes

October 12, 2022

1. Snapshot Dashboard for real-time Reporting and Analytics
2. Survey tool to capture visitor feedback after service
3. Enhancement to the Slideshow element in the drag-and-drop Designers
4. Enhancement to the paging element in the Queue
5. Enhancement to the Transfer feature in the Queue
6. Enhancement to Multi-Factor Authentication upon editing of Appointments
7. Enhancement to the real-time updating of the Wait Time and Place in Line of the visitors
8. Enhancement to the Kiosk execution service
9. Enhancement to the Advanced Rules Engine regarding language support