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Qtrac Academy

We've curated a selection of video tutorials that provide a quick and easy way to review and understand basic concepts of the Qtrac queue management system. Happy learning!

How to Join a Virtual Waiting Line
Learn how to easily join a Qtrac virtual waiting line using your smartp...
Angel Angel
How a Greeter Adds a Customer to a Virtual Queue by Qtrac
Learn how a Greeter or Customer Service Associate can quickly add peopl...
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How to Call a Customer from the Virtual Waitlist
Learn an easy way to call a customer from the virtual waitlist. Our qui...
Angel Angel
The Virtual Queue: Effective Use When Foot Traffic is Low
When foot traffic is low, it’s a perfect time to help educate customers...
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Appointment Scheduling with Qtrac Virtual Queuing
Appointment scheduling and booking using the Qtrac virtual queuing syst...
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Digital Queuing: Helping Customers Without Mobile Devices.
Not all customers will have a mobile device or smartphone. Yet busines...
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