What is Away View mode in the Queue? What is Away View mode in the Queue?

What is Away View mode in the Queue?

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In the dynamic realm of customer service and operational efficiency, Queue Management stands as a pivotal element for businesses to deliver exceptional experiences while optimizing workflow processes. Acknowledging this, we are thrilled to unveil the latest feature in our software application: "View Mode". This innovative mode grants users the ability to view the queue and perform limited actions without disrupting the wait time algorithm for customers, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their queues.

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Understanding "View Mode"

"View Mode" represents a paradigm shift in queue management, offering users a balance between observation and action. It provides a comprehensive yet restricted set of functionalities that enable users to stay informed and engaged with the queue dynamics while respecting the wait time algorithm.

Key Features and Functionality

Actions Available in "View Mode":

Navigation Flexibility: Users can seamlessly navigate between the Queue, Appointment Calendar, and Today's Visits, ensuring comprehensive oversight of visitor flow and scheduling.

Visitor Management: "View Mode" empowers users to add visitors, add notes, edit visitor details, and transfer visitors between queues, fostering personalized interactions and efficient queue management.

Queue Management Tools: Users have access to essential queue management tools such as filtering and sorting options, enabling them to prioritize tasks and address visitor needs effectively.

Search Functionality: The integrated search bar allows users to quickly locate specific visitors or appointments, enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating timely responses.

Real-time Updates: Users can observe real-time changes within the queue, enabling proactive decision-making and ensuring seamless coordination of resources.

Appointment Operations: "View Mode" enables users to perform a range of appointment-related actions, including adding, rescheduling, canceling, and checking-in appointments, facilitating streamlined scheduling processes.

Limitations and Alerts:

Restricted Actions: While in "View Mode", users are prohibited from:

  1. sending SMS notifications,
  2. clearing the queue,
  3. or using flex agents.

These limitations are crucial to maintaining the integrity of the queue management system and preserving the wait time algorithm.

Alert Notifications: If users attempt to click on any prohibited action button, they will be promptly alerted with a message that states:

This notification ensures users are aware of their status and encourages them to switch to an active mode if necessary.

The Benefits of "View Mode"

Enhanced Efficiency:

"View Mode" empowers users to efficiently manage queues and appointments, facilitating seamless operations and minimizing delays in customer service delivery.

Improved Customer Experience:

By enabling proactive queue management and timely responses to visitor needs, "View Mode" contributes to an enhanced customer experience, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Streamlined Operations:

The intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set of "View Mode" streamline operational workflows, enabling organizations to optimize resource allocation and maximize productivity.


With "View Mode", we are committed to empowering businesses with a versatile tool that balances observation and action in queue management. By providing users with the ability to view the queue and perform essential actions while maintaining the integrity of the wait time algorithm, "View Mode" represents a significant advancement in our software application's capabilities. Experience the power of "View Mode" and elevate your queue management processes to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness today!

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