Introducing Priority Rules: Elevate Your Queue Management with Qtrac Introducing Priority Rules: Elevate Your Queue Management with Qtrac

Introducing Priority Rules: Elevate Your Queue Management with Qtrac

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New Project (7).jpgWe are excited to announce a game-changing addition to our Qtrac application: Priority Rules. This innovative enhancement restructures the way our Virtual Queue is organized, enabling more efficient and customized queue management. Let's explore the benefits and capabilities of this new feature and how it can revolutionize your customer service experience.

What are Priority Rules?

The Priority Rules feature allows you to assign specific priority levels to tickets in the Virtual Queue based on customizable conditions and triggers. This means you can organize and manage your queue in a way that best suits your operational needs and customer requirements. Whether it's prioritizing VIP customers, accommodating individuals with disabilities, or expediting appointments, Priority Rules ensure that every customer is attended to appropriately and efficiently.

Benefits of Priority Rules

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

    • Personalized Service: By prioritizing customers based on specific needs or statuses, you can provide a more personalized and satisfactory service experience. For example, customers who check in for a scheduled appointment no longer have to wait at the end of the queue - they can be prioritized and served promptly.
    • Special Considerations: Ensure that individuals with special requirements, such as those needing a specific language service or parents with children, receive the attention they deserve without unnecessary delays.
  2. Operational Efficiency

    • Customizable Triggers and Conditions: Tailor the priority levels based on various triggers such as appointment check-ins, special service requirements, or customer status (VIP, disabled, etc.). This flexibility allows for a more streamlined and efficient queue management system.
    • Multiple Priority Levels: Utilize multiple Priority Rules Levels for different scenarios, ensuring that your queue is organized in a manner that aligns with your service objectives and operational strategies.
  3. Improved Team Collaboration

    • Visual Clarity: With the Priority Rules feature active, team members can easily identify which customers in the Virtual Queue have been prioritized and their respective priority levels. This visual clarity aids in better coordination and faster decision-making.
    • Insightful Reporting: The assigned Priority Rule Levels are now visible in the Insights Reporting Engine. This feature provides valuable data for analyzing queue patterns, customer wait times, and service efficiency, enabling continuous improvement of your operations.

How Priority Rules Work

  1. Set Up Custom Conditions and Triggers:

    • Define the conditions under which a customer should be prioritized (e.g., VIP status, scheduled appointment, specific service requirement).
    • Establish the triggers that will automatically assign the appropriate Queue Priority Level.
  2. Assign Priority Levels:

    • Create multiple priority levels for various scenarios, such as VIP, disabled, appointments, specific language needs, parents with children, etc.
    • Ensure that each priority level is tailored to meet specific customer needs and service goals.
  3. Monitor and Manage:

    • Use the enhanced visual interface to quickly identify and manage prioritized customers in the Virtual Queue.
    • Leverage the Insights Reporting Engine to track and analyze the effectiveness of your queue management strategies.

Mini Example Use Case

A perfect example of the Priority Rules feature in action is when a customer checks in for their scheduled appointment. Instead of waiting at the end of the Virtual Queue, the system recognizes the appointment check-in trigger and automatically prioritizes the customer, moving them to the front of the queue. This not only improves the customer’s experience but also optimizes the service flow for your team.


The Priority Rules feature is a powerful addition to Qtrac that enhances customer satisfaction, boosts operational efficiency, and improves team collaboration. By implementing this feature, you can ensure that every customer receives the attention they deserve in a timely and organized manner. Upgrade your Qtrac application today and experience the benefits of smarter queue management with Priority Rules.

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If you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Qtrac Help Desk.

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