How do I know the status of my request? How do I know the status of my request?

How do I know the status of my request?

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In order to be able to see any previously opened requests or their resolution statuses you must have an active Qtrac Help Center account. If you do not have verified and registered account with Qtrac please follow this article: “How do I register/get logging credentials for Qtrac Help Center?

Once logged in, your initials or icon will be visible at the top right corner on the Qtrac Help Center. Simply pressed on the icon and select My activities


Under My activities section you will be able to see, every Requests, every Contributions that you have done as comment on any of the articles or Community.


You can select the Ticket Request or Change Order Request by clicking on the subject.

Once inside the request, you can see all the communication with our Qtrac Help Desk agents, as well as the current status of the ticket, and details about the corrective actions on the ticket.


At any given moment as long as the ticket is having Open or Pending Status you are able to give reply/response to the ticket directly from the Qtrac Help Center Portal. Sometimes our Qtrac Help Desk Agents might ask you for verification after the problem has been resolved. In those cases when you reply on the request, feel free to check the “Please consider this request solved”.


Note: even after the request is closed by you or completed by the Qtrac Help Desk Agents, you will still have access to open and review the tickets at any given moment.

If the request is pending and waiting on your response or confirmation the status will be: mceclip0.png

Once the request is fully resolved the status will be: mceclip1.png

If you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Qtrac Help Desk.


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