How to use the new Qtrac Help Center How to use the new Qtrac Help Center

How to use the new Qtrac Help Center

Alek Alek

Hi there,

We proudly present our newest Qtrac Help Center with all new features!

Some features are viewable without logging into Qtrac’s Help Center. These public features are:

  • The Community page, where visitors can submit questions and open new discussions in a public forum.
  • The Academy section with interesting and fun video tutorials on how Qtrac works.
  • The Qtrac Blogs where you can discover topical conversations, how-to’s, and the latest thinking about queue management and virtual queuing in our comprehensive article library.
  • Qtrac Release Notes where we will keep you informed on software updates and new features added to Qtrac, as well as scheduled maintenance.
  • Qtrac’s Answer Bot that can be used to quickly search and recommend articles from Qtrac’s knowledge base library.
  • Answer Bot can also be used to chat with our friendly and knowledgeable HelpDesk Agents.

Additional features are available if you log into Qtrac Help Center:

  • Qtrac’s Knowledge Base library, where you will be able to find answers to FAQs. Another powerful part of Knowledge Base are the "How to use" and "How to configure" instructions and manuals.
  • The Admin Corner contains templates, documentation for APIs , Bulk Upload Users/Branches, etc.
  • My Activities allows you to follow-up on all Help Desk tickets you have submitted and your activity on the Qtrac Help Center. You can also submit new Request Tickets or Change Requests. You can monitor the status of your requests, and interact with Qtrac Help Desk Agents.



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