How to filter and sort Today's Visits How to filter and sort Today's Visits

How to filter and sort Today's Visits

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Based on your questions, it looks like you are trying to filter and sort Today's Visits. Today's Visits allows you to see your customer ticket data for the current day or past 24 hour period.

In order to accomplish this, please follow these steps:

  • Steps to filter your visits:
    • While accessing your Today's Visits screen, click on the "Filter" icon in the left hand menu

    • This will open up your Filter menu (as shown below). In this menu you will be able to filter by Services, Tags, Outcome, and Types
    • Simply check the boxes of each item you would like to see in your Visits screen (you may select multiple items). To uncheck, simply click the box again. 

  • Steps to Sort your visits:
    • Click on any of the column headers Visitor, Service, Type, etc. (Please note that you will not be able to sort by Tags)
    • Your visits will sort in ascending order by the selected column
    • Click the column once more to sort by descending order
    • Click again to reset the sort for the column

If you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Qtrac Help Desk.

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