How to open Insights Report for Future Appointments How to open Insights Report for Future Appointments

How to open Insights Report for Future Appointments

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We hope the below article will assist you. Based on your questions, it looks like you are trying to Create a Future Bookings Report. A Future Bookings report allows you to view data for all upcoming appointments booked at any location.

Permissions Required:

Roles Queue Views
  • Any user that has access to Insights
  • N/A


  1. Access Insights: Navigate to the Insights feature in the Qtrac application.
  2. Click the New button in the top right corner

  3. You will now see a new window called Create New Insight Report
  4. Rename your report or continue with the default name. You will be able to rename this report when you edit and save.
    1. If Future Bookings is not the selected data set, click the dropdown menu and select it.
  5. Click Ok
  6. You will now see your new report to configure
  7. Add your LocationsServices, and Location Tags by clicking each dropdown menu and selecting the desired options. This will enable data for those locations and services on this report.
  8. Select a timeframe by clicking on the Calendar icon to open the menu items.
  9. Add new Fields to this report. To learn how to best use these report fields, please visit our other Qtrac Help Center articles on Data Fields.
  10. When you have added your fields you may click Run to view your data or click Save if you are finished.
  11. Once you click Save you may rename this report and click Save
  12. Your new report will now be added to the Insights page


If you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Qtrac Help Desk.


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