How do I login and view my Virtual Queue? How do I login and view my Virtual Queue?

How do I login and view my Virtual Queue?

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Thank you for visiting our Qtrac Knowledge Base library. We hope the below article will assist you.

Based on your questions in the chat, it looks like you are trying to Log in and view the Virtual Queue.

In order to accomplish this, please follow these steps: 

Permissions Required:

  • Agent Templates
  1. After you log into your account, click on the Queue button on the top bar.
  2. Only for Admin Users:

    Once you click Queue, new window will pop-up.

On this window please indicate if there is a predefined tag for your location, then you can type the tag if you know it.

*TAG (Tags can be actual Branches, Regions or Company names)

If you no tags are entered, you can choose the location and template. The options between Desk or Agent depend by location. If you choose Desk, it will be provide a list of desks available for selection. If you select Agent, it will use your display name in place of the Desk name. Press Submit once all the parameters are set.

  1. If the pop up window from step 2 does not show up, that means that you are under Basic User Permissions. Simply proceed with step 4.
  2. On the queue screen, be sure to toggle the switch to ACTIVE to view the live queue.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Qtrac Help Desk.


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